Saturday, December 23, 2006

是“卤”肉还是“虏”获 delicacy or captivity

“卤”= food cooked by using salt or soya souces.
Strongly believed this is a mistake due to PinYing chinese input method.


Anonymous said...

It's pinyin, not pinying.

Also, it's soya sauce, not soya souce. Sauce is uncountable noun, so usually we don't add an "s" to it, unless you are talking about different kinds of "sauces", then yeah, you need an "s" here.

It's great to see that there is someone who is so concerned about the misuse of chinese characters. This blog is definitely a great place to learn mandarin! Keep up your good work!

Anonymous said...




◎ 制盐时剩下的黑色汁液,味苦有毒。亦称“盐卤”、“苦汁”。

◎ 浓汁:~汁。~面。

◎ 用五香咸水或酱油等浓汁制作食品:~虾。~豆腐。

◎ 古同“鲁”,鲁莽。

◎ 古同“橹”,大盾。

◎ 古同“掳”,掠夺。